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Blåvättnerna - Stensjön

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Fredrik Schenholm/Vä

The first section on the Bohusleden Trail, from the south, is quite long and offers a great variety. You pass deep forests, meadows and fields, beautiful lakes and finishes near Gunnebo castle, nestled in idyllic lush greenery.

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The first section on Bohusleden, from the south, passes through the municipality of Mölndal. The trail starts at the small lake Blåvättnerna, where Bohusleden meets the trail Hallandsleden.

This section is quite long, but welcoming, and not that difficult. It goes through forests, along fields and meadows, through settlements and passes several lakes.

Half way along the section the trail passes Kållered. Kållered can serve as an alternative start as there is good connections here by both bus and car.

Along the section there are both shelters and resting areas.

After a new stretch made in the spring of 2019, the trail goes on the western side of Kikås Långvatten. Here the trail passes just beside both an insect hotel and prepared meadows. After the insect hotel, the trail soon passes the Herkulesgården exercise center. At normal opening hours there is toilet and water available for hikers.

Towards the end of the hike, the trail passes the old Castle at Gunnebo, with idyllic flower meadows and old oaks. Gunnebo Castle was built in the 18th century as an exclusive summer residence for Gothenburg merchant John Hall and is today a popular and popular tourist destination all year round. It is one of the country's best and most stylish examples of neo-classical building art. Here you can experience real history. In the summer you can also see theater here. Don't miss the café or restaurant, which serves food and coffee with ingredients from the organic kitchen garden.

Surface: The section is a mix of mainly forest path and dirt roads.

Approximate time: It takes about 6-7 hours to walk this section, excluding breaks.

Don't miss: In Dvärred, south of Kållered, you find Dvärgahuset, a stone grave from the younger Stone Age.

How to get here: Since the start of the Bohusleden trail, from the south, is in the middle of the forest, it is easier to get to and start the hike at Bunketorp. Here there is both a parking lot and a bus stop. The bus stop is called Bunketorp. You can also go by bus and car to Kållered, the bus stop Sporredsvägen. A further alternative is to go to the bus stop Älsvåkersgården and walk a bit on Hallandsleden to reach the border between Bohuslän and Halland, where the Bohusleden trail begins.

To Stensjön it is easy to get both by car and public transport. The closest bus and tram stop is called Gunnebo Park.

For more information about bus stops, see the map planning tool and select the box Transport.

Accommodation: There are no suggested places for accommodation along this section of the trail. However, there is a bus from Stensjön to Mölndals centre where there are different options for accommodation.

19 km


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