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Svarteborg - Lunden

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Fredrik Schenholm

A section on asphalt and dirt road. The first 5 kilometers of this section can not be seen as anything other than a transport route as it goes along a paved road.

Before you start your hike on this section, we want to inform you that the stage is the first to take you into Bohuslän's largest contiguous wilderness area. Along long distances there is no settlement and there are few intersecting public roads. If you want to hike several sections at a time or continue the entire route to Strömstad, you must expect to spend the night in a shelter or cabin, carry your pack for several days and that public transport, where it occurs, is very sparse, especially on Saturdays, and Sundays and school holidays.

In addition, expect that you will not be able to supplement your supplies near the trail. For your own safety you must have recharged all the batteries, including the mobile phone. In descriptive text over the coming stages, we give you some tips on opportunities for provisioning and public transport. Should you not hike the entire route to Strömstad, your opportunity is to agree with “someone” about leaving and picking you up at the appropriate place along the trail or in its vicinity.

This section runs between Svarteborg in Munkedal and Lunden in Tanum. It follows for about 11 kilometers two country roads, through agricultural and forestry areas. One on asphalt and one on gravel.

Towards the end of the section you pass Bredmossen, the largest mire in Bohuslän. The open area makes it feel like you have suddenly been transported to a mire in the north of Sweden and the sensation of walking in wilderness becomes more apparent for every step you take. This is where the impressive Kynnefjäll starts. 

The end of the section is at Lunden. The Vaktstugan (Guard House) and memorial stone provide a reminder of the 20 years (1980-2000) when the campaign group Rädda Kynnefjäll (Save Kynnefjäll) kept watch here, to ward off the threat that the hill would be turned into a storage area for atomic waste. The members of the group took it in turns to be on duty, 24 hours a day, all year round.

Surface: This section is on asphalt and dirt roads.

Time: It takes approximately 3 hours to hike this section.

Not to be missed: Take the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings along the route

How to get here: To Svarteborg you can get by bus, to the bus stop Svarteborg. Lunden cannot be reached by public transport. For more information, see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: There are no proposed places for accommodations along this section.

11 km


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