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Vaktarekullen - Flötemarksön

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Olle Wängborg

It is perhaps here, at Vaktarekullen, in the middle of the wilderness, that you should take a day's break from the hike along the trail. Stop and really experience that it is not the goal that matters most but the "journey forward". Two good overnight opportunities are available; the cottage at Vaktarekullen and the wind shelter at Stora Holmevattnet's southern shore. With light day trip packing, you can spend the day hiking around the nature reserve you are in - Kynnefjäll.

Section 20 on the Bohusleden Trail starts by the cottage at Vaktarekullen in the heart of Kynnefjäll. You can look forward to a lovely and somewhat unusual walk in wilderness. If you study the surroundings carefully, you will discover plant species that are usually found in the north of Sweden such as dwarf birch, arctic kidney lichen and the moss Tetraplodon mnioides. In the same area, plants such as lime, hazel, liverleaf and lesser butterfly orchid grow, plants that are typical for the south of Sweden. You are walking through a part of Sweden where nature from the north and the south meet and combine.

Stora Holmevatten, the largest lake at Kynnefjäll, is said to have as many islands and islets as days of the year. It is worth making a short diversion from the Trail to the southernmost part of the Lake, to take in the view, have a picnic or stay overnight in the hut/shelter.

The next hut/ shelter is at Lake Sjökärr, which has a toilet. 

Surface: This section is on forest path and dirt road.

Time: It takes approximately 5 hours to hike this section.

Not to be missed: A stop with overnight at Vaktarkullen or in the hut/shelter at Stora Holmevattnet.

How to get here: Neither the Vaktarkullen nor Flötemarksön can be reached by public transport. For more information about transport, see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: There are no suggested places for accommodation along the stage except the open cottage at Vaktarkullen.

12 km


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Utsikt från vindskyddet vid Stora Holmevatten Photographer: Olle Wängborg
Utsikt inifrån vindskyddet vid Sjökärr Photographer: Olle Wängborg

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