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Grandalen - Bottenstugan

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    8.1 km

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Lukasz Warzecha/Vä

Magic forest, moss-covered boulders and small earth stars. At this section, the hiker encounters untouched, wild and beautiful nature.

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The eighth section of the Bohusleden Trail goes through a traditional rural landscape in Svartedalen Nature Reserve.

This section has lovely viewpoints, good spots for swimming and canoeing as well as good game fishing. The Trail passes several croft ruins which give us an idea of what life was like for those that once lived here.

This section demands a certain amount of previous experience and fitness, because in places, the terrain is very steep. There are two shelters in lovely locations, which are suitable for sleeping in. At the end of this section, by Bottenstugan, there are another two shelters, a barbeque area and a toilet. 

Surface: This section of the trail is on forest path.

Approximate time: It takes approximately 3-4 hours to walk this section.

Not to be missed: Stopping at the old tower ruins and reading about what life was like for those who inhabited the cottages in the early 1900's.

How to get here: It is not so easy to get to Grandalen or Bottenstugan by bus. At Grandalen there is a bus stop Grandalen and at Bottenstugan there is bus stop Anvik. To both of them the buses goop very seldom. An alternative is to get by bus to Diseröds Centrum and get to the trail from there.

Accommodation: For suggestions on accommodation, please see the map planner and choose accommodation.

There are no suggested places for accommodation in Bottenstugan apart from the hut/shelter and the bookable cabin.

8.1 km


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Photographer: Veronica Niederer
Photographer: Veronica Niederer

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